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We welcome your feedback!  If you have a specific question or concern which needs a personal response, please call one of the extensions listed on the left. 


Contact Us by Phone:
To contact us by phone, please dial 732.222.3900. You may dial the extension at any time during the message. Please note our extension numbers have changed as listed below. Thank you.


Director - Tonya Garcia   Ext. 2240 (tgarcia.lbpl@gmail.com) 

Francine Marks - Admin/Facilities (fmarks.lbpl@gmail.com) Ext. 2250

Library Services:

Adult Services - Janet Birckhead                   Ext.2290

Circulation Services  - Kate Angelo              Ext. 2270

Children's Services - Linda Wurzel               Ext. 2320

Elberon Branch - Linda Wurzel               732.870.1776

Local History - Janet Birckhead                      Ext.2280

Outreach/Marketing - Lisa Kelly                   Ext. 2350

Reference Services - Janet Birckhead          Ext. 2290

Virtual Services/Website  - Tara Sullivan     Ext.2230

Technology/Career Center - Lisa Kelly        Ext. 2350

Technical Services-Thalia Sweet                    Ext. 2260

Teen Services  - Nekesha Marshall               Ext. 2310

Volunteer Services - Janet Birckhead           Ext. 2300

IT Department -  Alex Kelly                             Ext. 234​0