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Teen Programs
Begin at 5pm unless stated otherwise.


Teen Tech Time

Monday through Thursday 4-5:30 in the Young Adult Space!


MAY  Teen Programs

May 2: Arts and crafts

May 3:Reading Outside

May 4: Mother's Day Poem's

May 5:Mother's Day gifts

May 9: Teen Job Search

May 10:Big Brother/Sister applications

May 11: Learn to play Chess

May 12:Brain Teasers

May 16: Arts and crafts outside

17: Group reading outside

18: Movie Night

19: Book Club for Tweens

23:Game Night


25: Healthy snack

26: book club teens

30:Poetry reading outside

31: Library Clean up




TEEN Book Club Member
(and 2013 Library Champion) Victoria Cattelona reviewed "Ender's Game":

"Orson Scott Card’s science fiction masterpiece Ender’s Game is a tale of glory and honor bestowed upon the young Ender Wiggin, a condemned “Third”.  As a child, he is selected for the prestigious Battle School where he cultivates his leadership and logistical skills. Ender, however, confronts self-doubt and uncertainty as he is isolated during his military preparation. He must eventually go to war, and the future of the human race depends on his success – if he can even survive the existing pressures of school with his resentful peers. With edge-of-the-seat action, Ender’s Game is a novel of overcoming fear and determining trust amidst deception. Card expertly weaves a story placed in a futuristic society where humans have already begun to colonize the distant planets of outer space. An alien race threatens human existence once more as tensions grow among the Earth’s nations; Card thus contrasts the worries of his time with the aspirations of a shared future in technological advancement. The book is an adventure at its core, and Card’s protagonist emerges a hero of noble proportions. With wit, pathos, and anticipation, Card sets the scene for a thriller that reveals more about humanity than it does about the possible life beyond our world."

























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Now you can practice for the NJ Permit test, take a study course and more @ your library!

BATTER UP!  Officer Daniel Richards took some time to play ball with the teens and tweens outside the Library!