Community Floor Reservation Request Information

  • Boardroom
    Seats 12
    1 square table
    Conference call and Skype video call capabilities
    Windows 10 PC and monitor

  • Literacy Classroom
    Seats 15
    6 rectangular tables
    Divider available upon request
    Bring your own A/V equipment

  • Meeting Spaces A+B
    Can be reserved individually or together for one large space
    Seats 100+ (50 in each half)
    Dividers available up request
    Tables available
    Dual projector setup with Apple TV, controlled by library iPad
    Seating setup can be customized as needed

  • Movie Theater
    21 seats, with space for wheelchair and floor seating
    Equipped with DVD/Blu-Ray player, Nvidia PC, XBox 360

A signed policy must be submitted by all meeting space applicants. A meeting space application must be submitted for each use of a meeting space. 

Meeting space applications can be found here:

Meeting Spaces

Movie Theater


Contact Molly Sullivan with questions---732-222-3900, x.2390;