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Voting Information & Resources

What you need to know about the upcoming election:
   Election Day is coming up on November 7th
   Early in-person voting runs from October 28th through November 2th, Mon-Sat 10am-8pm & Sun 10am-6pm
   Apply by mail for a mail-in ballot by October 31st, apply in-person for a mail-in ballot by 3pm Nov. 6th
   Early in-person voting held at Brookdale Community College, 2nd floor, 213 Broadway, Long Branch

   If you've chosen to Vote-By-Mail, your ballot must be returned by mail or deposited in a secure drop box
   by 8pm on election day.
   Don't know who or what to vote for? Get your sample ballot here.


Find out more about elections and voting:
Long Branch Election Information
Monmouth County Clerk's Office
Voter Information Portal, NJ  Department of State
Voting Questions? Call 1-877-NJ-VOTER (1-877-658-6837)

Download the Monmouth County free voter app 

Users can find out if they are registered to vote, find important dates and election results,

download voter registration forms and sample ballots and even map their polling place.

The app features push notifications to immediately alert users about important voter

deadlines and information.
Download the mobile app for iPhone or Android

Your representatives:
Long Branch District 11 info
NJ State Legislature
Congress - Information and Live Sessions
Find your Congress People - House of Representatives
Find your Senators


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