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  Yearbooks (incomplete run)

  Long Branch Schools Hall of Fame contains the LB Daily Record from 

                          1900-1975 (available in library at no       

                          charge or by subscription)

  Long Branch News  1886 June, July, August (incomplete run)    Long Branch History Books

  City Directories (incomplete run)

  Maps and Atlases

  Monmouth County 1860 F.W. Beers Map (digital)

  1886 Atlas of Long Branch by J.L. Smith                                Plat Book of Monmouth County - Volume 1 


 Pach Photo Collection 

 James Durnell 

 Robert Van Benthuysen Monmouth County & NJ 

 Daniel Hennessey 

 George H. Moss Jr. 

 Elsalyn Palmisano





Entertaining a Nation



Click the icon to access Entertaining a Nation: the Career of Long Branch Written and Illustrated by the Writers' Project, Work Projects Administration, State of New Jersey

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